Jewellery Powered Girls Challenge – Sims 4

Hi, I’ve made this challenge called Jewellery Powered Girls Challenge it’s for the TS4. Note: I will update for expansions that come out in the future and will add rules for them. BTW you can use boys.


You lived your life peacefully at your home and at your school with your three friends, Sophia, Abby and Jenna. (If boys Mike, Daniel and James) You also had a peaceful life with your boyfriend Edward (Girlfriend is Scarlet). But all that changed when you received a interesting “Necklace” on your 13th birthday. Sophia/Mike received “Earrings”, Abby/Daniel received a “Bracelet” and Jenna/James got a “Ring”.


Your objective is to keep the world safe so you must save 15 sims from death (Your not allowed to use the book of life or keep killing the same sim to resurrect them 15 time do that and you fail. Also if 1 of the girls/boys die before completing you fail unless they have a child. They don’t count for every power girl/boy they are separate for each one)

Create A Sim (CAS)

Create 4 teens if you can’t make teens live alone create a adult and use this cheat sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning to kill the adults/adult (do this when moved into home) 3 teen must have the names Sophia, Abby, Jenna, Mike, Daniel or James.The traits and aspirations are up to you.

Starting Out

Move onto any empty lot in any neighbourhood. Once you move in press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console than type (I don’t know ho to spell tipe or type) Testingcheats 1, Testingcheats True or Testingcheats enabled then type in Money 999999999 then start building your house. Build your house however you want. Once your done set your money to 0 by doing Money 0 <zero not O>.


  1. No cheats unless said to use
  2. No hacks or mods that kill sims anyway but the normal sim way like old age, fire, drowning, sauna etc except mod/hack ways to die <- Die hod/hack ways fail but normal ways to die win
  3. Your power girls/boys can get pregnant or inpregnant a sim to build another generation if they die.(when young adults)

Rules (Get To Work)

  1. No cheats unless said to use
  2. When young adults you can take up one of the new careers (Scientist, Doctor or detective)
  3. Your power girls/boys can be aliens!
  4. Alien babies (including abduction) can be used for the next generation of power girls/boys

Rule (Outdoor Retreat)

  1. Your sims can go on a vacation but must go together as a family <Not really family BFFs>

Please Stand By Updates coming soon..


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