Build Off A Bad Fire Challenge

Hello everyone, I will update this challenge for every expansion for The Sims 4. Updates will only come when I have the expansion though.


Julie and Jake gave birth to you, your 3 sisters Annabelle, Lesley and Irene (or brothers Greg, Mark and Toby) and your brother Colin (If chose 3 brothers it would be your sister Marigold). One time while the maid Georgia Harp was cooking grilled cheese for you a fire started. It killed Georgia first than spread in and out of the kitchen. You followed the fire safety rules and managed to get out safely. You use you phone and call the fire fighters but it will take them 3 hrs to get to your home, what do you do? When the fire fighters got there they carried out Georgia than your parents they were dead like Georgia, it was the same with your brothers and sisters. Now you plan to start your life from scratch.

Create a sim (CAS)

You will need to create a teen this will be your character you can act out the what happened by making the maid and the family you don’t have to. Custom content is allowed if you don’t like sims bad fashion sense.

Rules (Base Game)

  1. Your sim has to be a teen
  2. CC is allowed but NOT if it helps
  3. No mods allowed (If it’s a mod that adds a pose or changes the clouds’s shape is OK. but mods that give an unfair advantage is NOT allowed)
  4. NO cheats (only reset sim)
  5. Your allowed to use any CC or mods that can help you get your game back if it crashes
  6. NO restarting after bad events!!
  7. Life span MUST be set to normal
  8. Always do homework
  9. Adopted children count to the 4 children goal

Rules (Get To Work)

  1. When your sim is a young adult they can take up one of the new careers Doctor, Detective or Scientist.
  2. Your teen can be a alien
  3. If your sim gets abducted a comes back pregnant the alien baby COUNTS towards the 4 children goal
  4. NO cheats (only reset sim)
  5. You can own a retail store to gain money

Rules (Outdoor Retreat)

  1. You are allowed to take a vacation to granite falls but you CAN’T if you don’t have enough money to AT LEAST buy 1 day.
  2. You ARE allowed to sell new collectables you find there (Fish, Plants, Bugs etc)
  3. NO cheats (only reset sim)


Have a good home, husband/wife, 4 kids, have a good high paying job

Starting Off

Buy a 30×20 or 20×30 lot. Build a simple house. Buy something that can help with money when you have no school or work. Get a good high paying job. If you act out what happened get a mansion from somewhere. When the fire comes in you need to take everything in the teen’s room and downstairs keep the children upstairs to get taken or starve (because they died in a fire. Kill the adults with this cheat: sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning. Then move to a 30×20 or 20×30 lot. But if not start out use press Ctrl + Shift + C and type Testingcheats 1 and Money 999999999 and buy expensive furniture from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room and lounge room/ TV room only. Then set funds to 0 by Money 0 (<Not a o a zero 0 o see the zero is bigger). Then begin. BTW DON’T HAVE TO CONSIDER EXTREME START BECAUSE LOT FULL!!


The challenge ends when you have a have a good home, husband/wife, 4 kids and you have a good high paying job.

There’s no scoring as I hate counting up scoring.

Thanks for reading

Kind Regards EvieLilli

BTW updates coming soon too.

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